Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hexagon Quilt.

From Lark

Claire and I are together embarking on a new project. we are going to make a hexagon quilt. We started it on Monday at Brown Owls (which was heaps of fun) under surprising circumstances, we both stated cutting up hexagons separately to make a small cushion or something, then we we got together and realised the coincidence we decided to turn it into one big quilting project. we are going to make it all out of vintage and found fabrics, and sew it all together by hand, its going to take a long time, but i think we are both excited by that. hopefully by the end of next year it will be done. we were both inspired by the quilt we saw in one of Allisons photos and also by our Mum's efforts, she made the above quilt while she was pregnant with Claire, I think its really lovely, i doubt ours will be as well put together and coordinated as hers, but will look just as good in our own mismatched sort of way. once we have done a bit more piecing together i will be sure to post some pictures here!

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