Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Family Picnics!

This image should have been apart of 'A Week of Picnic's' but I only found it yesterday, its of one of the many picnic's our family shared together growing up. I wasn't born yet and Mum said Claire was about six months old. We're not exactly sure of wear it was taken either, Claire seems to think Hanging Rock, but Mum isn't convinced. That's' our Dad at the very head of the table, and Our Pa, with our cousin John on his Lap, Nana is the one with the lovely shirt on sitting opposite him, and a few of our Aunties and Uncles are other cousins are there too. We haven't had a picnic like this in a long time, as some of our family have moved interstate and some are living overseas, it would be nice to get everyone back together again. 

From Meg. 

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