Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Op-shopping in Ballarat and Daylesford!

Yesterday, my housemate Josie and I visited Ballarat and Daylesford again. This time we brought Josie's French friend Lucy along, who is down visiting from France for the winter. It is really nice visiting places you have perhaps visited a thousand times before with someone who hasn't even sen them once, things become exciting and new again. On this particular trip we introduced Lucy to some extreme op-shopping, and Australian Bakeries, both of which left a good impression I think. We all managed to walk away with some amazing purchases. I collected some great serving trays, a number of dresses, and some lovely novels.
P.S. The shoes I mentioned in a couple of posts below were purchased from the big shoe shop on Brunswick st. just down the road from Meet Me At Mikes. I'm not sure what the shop is called but its signs are blue, and it sells heaps of shoes.
From Meaghan.

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