Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tea Time!

Tea Time has always been an essential time in our families day, there wasn't anything a cup of tea couldn't fix; a sad mood, a bit of a cold or a headache, "a good cup of tea will fix you up", our Dad would always say. Our Dad is probably the fussiest tea drinker. I remember when I was younger (and probably still now) making the family a cup of tea but trying extra hard to get Dad's just right, not to strong but not to milky either, it was tricky. Tea Time has gotten a little more exciting in my new house. We just brought a new kettle, one that sits in top of your stove and makes a really nice whistle sound when it has finished boiling and ready to be poured. I really like it.
From Meaghan.


Hoppo Bumpo said...

What a beautiful kettle - sure beats the pants off my electric one! And I spy a sewing opportunity ... a holder for the metal handle. :)

dave said...

Tea is the greatest! It is my favourite all day every day!